year in review

So, 2017, eh? This has been a year to remember! Filled with some significant experiences, unexpected twists and turns, and numerous wonderful new friendships. I am so thankful when I reflect on all that was crammed into 365 days. Seriously!

Yet what I am actually most grateful for is not one single moment or adventure. I’m most grateful for how each step into unknown territory brought to light a whole host of insecurities, doubts, and fears that had been accumulating in my soul.


With each “new” and unexpected thing I did this year (i.e. paediatric nursing in Iraq, moving provinces, singing my originals on tour…you get the picture!), I had to face the thoughts/emotions/feelings of fear and inadequacy that surfaced over and over again. And I am so grateful for it. I see now that each valley lead to a mountaintop, each struggle gave way to even the smallest victory! Not because of my own strength or courage, but because I leaned in during those moments of fear and got better acquainted with a God who sees me and loves me, just as I am. The One who is with me every step of the way, teaching me more about who He is thereby granting me a better understanding of who I am, and where I fit in.

As a good friend of mine wrote, “we are all a masterpiece, crafted by God’s own hands, created to bring hope and love to all in our own unique way” (Still Listening, Susan Vitalis). This is something that I needed to have drilled through my thick skull over and over again, and thankfully I think it’s finally sinking in. Masterpiece. Crafted. Unique. Each and every human being embodies those three words, it’s time to start living life that reflects it!  No explanations, disclaimers or apologies. No room for fear or insecurity.

So wherever you find yourself heading into 2018, I pray you start the year afresh, with the knowledge that you are a masterpiece, you have been crafted and created, you are unique. Just as you are.




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