Yours to Discover: Part II

I wrote the blog post “Yours to Discover: Part I” in July 2017, without a plan of what “Part II” would even be about. It was inspired by the slogan etched on the vehicle license plates here in my home province of Ontario. I saw it with fresh eyes back then as I switched the plates on my car after moving home from Prince Edward Island (where I lived for nearly 5 years). “Yours to Discover”…sounds hopeful and promising, doesn’t it?




Well, I had forgotten all about that blog post until this past July when a new co-worker called me out about it, having looked into my music and stumbled upon my [neglected] blog site. “Where’s Part II?” he asked one day at work, catching me off guard and confusing me, causing me to ask if I had made a mistake with some patient’s paper work.

“You wrote a blog post ‘Yours to Discover: Part I’, so………where is Part II?”.

After returning so suddenly to Ontario from the USA due to the pandemic…

After weeks of feeling lost and adrift and forgotten…

After a month and a half back on the job as an endoscopy nurse…

After 18 months in Tennessee as a music student…

After 3 years, nearly to the day, since I had written that “Part I” post…

…..he brought to remembrance something small yet so significant:

Part II comes after Part I. “Part I” implies that there will be a “Part II”.

“Naturally”, you say, or, more colloquially, “duh, Amy!”.

But hear me out, please!

My coworker had no idea that his casual question brought my attention sharply to this truth: this unexpected, unknown-filled season back home “again” is not an accident.

This is the Part II I did not even know would exist.

It’s here, now. It is the here and now.




The story is not over.




Wherever it does or does not lead
No other path I’d choose for my feet
Than to follow faithfully
My God who truly cares for me.

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